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Now You Can Too Be A Cruel And Clumsy God


Thanks to a childhood mired in Sid Meier's simulations, I've developed a soft spot for god games. In a world buffeted by unpredictability, it's so very nice to be in charge of helpless little lives, lives that could be brutally ended on a passing whim. This fascination with flippant sadism may be the reason why I’m rather excited about the release of Clumsy God [official site], which puts you in charge of an omnipotent hand capable of - literally - showing the world the finger. Look, you can check out the release trailer if you don't believe me.

See? Actual finger. You can flip the bird at anyone you want in Clumsy God. Because you are the God. Yes, I'm completely aware that I’m too delighted by this little quirk. (Actually, I’m not entirely sure if you can do rude gestures yourself, but the trailer accomplishes it and that’s almost good enough for me.) Anyway, the game itself allows for more altruistic pursuits. An earthquake has befallen your people, leaving them stricken and desperate for divine attention. It is up to you to rescue folk, rearrange architecture, restore order or... squish things.

Although Clumsy God is playable from start-to-finish, the game is still a work-in-progress. The developers report that the soundtrack and the track song still needs to be finalized. Additionally, there are a variety of placeholders that will be replaced later on, including building models and props. Clumsy God costs $3.99 to purchase.

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