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Co-op submariner We Need To Go Deeper surfaces from the early access depths

Sinking feeling

Thar be monsters 'ere, sailor. Arr, legend foretells of vessels getting lost in these seas. Crews abandoning all hope. Great, magnificent ships leaving port with a belly full of gold, never to be heard for again. Take it from an ol' sea dog, kid, there be perils aplenty on the early access waters. A welcome sight indeed, says I, when a ship returns with a haul and a hope to make it out to launch.

Sailor talk aside, jolly old submarine-with-your-friends adventure We Need To Go Deeper set sail for a full release this week.

With a little bit of Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime's navigational mayhem delivered by way of whimsical Jules Verne-style undersea romps, We Need To Go Deeper looks a riot. You and 1-3 mates don your daftest steampunk hats and moustaches, switching stations on your boat, ensuring sure the engines are in check and encouraging eldrich squid-gods to respect your boundaries.

It's certainly not anything like that, uh... other co-op submarine diving adventure Brendan enjoying perishing in, Barotrauma. Not at all. Don't be daft.

You'll also occasionally get out of Das Boot to go hunting for treasure through caves and wrecks scattered around the procedurally-generated high seas, while an AI director works its techno-magic to ruin your adventures. Sounds cracking. There's a full dive into what's new with 1.0 over on the game's Steam announcement.

After drifting the Steam Early Access seas for a little over two years, developers Deli Interactive have inspected this vessel and determined it's in a fit enough state to sail into full release. There's the standard special edition art book and soundtrack deal, which I only bring up because any of you early risers who picked it up during early access get all that guff for free. Lucky you.

We Need To Go Deeper is out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam at £12/€13/$16. You'll probably want to get a full crew on board before taking the plunge.

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