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Code Vein opens up in September

Dark Souls but anime vampires

Bandai Namco today announced they plan to launch their anime-ish, Souls-tinged action-RPG Code Vein on September 28th. What makes Code Vein a Soulsbut? Well, it's got swords for starters. Can't get more Dark Souls than swords. It got ruins, classic Dark Souls element right there. Oh! You can use the swords to hit monsters--did I mention monsters?--which is maybe the most Dark Souls thing of all. [Alright, that's enough taking the piss. Snip! -ed.] Whew! Apologies for rambling there--872 words, really Alice?--but yes, the post-apocalyptic, vampiric Soulsbut is coming in September. Here, watch a new trailer.

Oh right, also it's anime as heck. Ha ha goodness me.

To be clear, this is being made by Bandai Namco's own studios, not Souls creators From Software. I mean, obviously it's not From Software. That said, every time I've heard about someone's experiences playing preview versions, they compare it to Dark Souls. Which, yeah, obviously they're borrowing a fair bit, but to my eyes it's missing a lot of what made Dark Souls distinctly Dark Souls rather than any other action-RPG.

It's not just press drawing these comparisons, mind - Code Vein director Hiroshi Yoshimura talked about its Dark Souls inspirations with our corporate siblings VG247 last year. He was also the director of God Eater, so there's something to round out what you imagine the game to be.

Anyway. September 28th.

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Code Vein

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