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Colours Of Magic: Trine 2

No matter how many words are rattling around in my head like angry wasps, footage of Trine 2 tends to soothe me to the extent that only synonyms for 'pretty' exist, along with the bare essentials to string those synonyms into sentences. It's a bonny game, which makes something as simple as a box falling apart seem like the culmination of a particularly gentle and picturesque fairy tale. The footage below highlights the Unlimited game mode, which allows co-operative play with characters of the same class, allowing three thieves to swing through resplendent forests, or three wizards to calmly rearrange the delicate and comely features of the world.

There's a summary of Humble Bundle goodness at the end of this video as well. At the time of writing, there are under 15 hours left on the current deal and to receive the Frozenbyte pack, which includes the first Trine, you'll need to pay above the average, which currently stands below $4.50. A ludicrous and indeed pulchritudinous price.

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