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Come get yer new Elden Ring screenshots

I will FIGHT these limbed urns, and I will LOSE

Along with the long-awaited new trailer and release date for Elden Ring, today has also brought a nice little batch of screenshots. 17 frozen images are here for your perusal, and frankly I've been waiting for the Dark Souls studio's new game long enough that hell yeah I'm cooing over screenshots. Especially the one which shows URNS with ARMS AND LEGS. Best new baddie. The other screens are nice too, come see.

A glowing ethereal tree amidst ruins in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Souls does love a big tree
A warrior on a horse leaps high towards a cliff in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Yeah the horseback exploration looks impressive, but I bet the horse stacks it and falls down a hole if you don't nail a finicky input timing.
An armoured warrior slices a foe with their sword in an Elden Ring screenshot.
I absolutely would suffer through a fat roll to wear this fella's fantastic big hat.
Two warriors on horseback charge towards each other with weapons ready in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Excellent choice of jousting ground.
A warrior on a horse circles a giant hooded monster with tendrils pouring out from beneath their veil in an Elden Ring screenshot.
I bet this tendril-faced dear has a tragic backstory and I'll feel guilty about murdering them. Unless worms spill out their corpse, in which case they're asking for it.
A mysterious cloaked figure in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Bearer of the curse, seek misery.
Soldiers and zombies escort an ornate wagon pulled by a giant in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Yahar'gul has taught me that when the carriage is rockin', DO NOT come knockin'.
Summoning a bird with magic in a fight against a withered giant in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Some real Captain Planet magic here.
A withered and hunched figure on a horse in a wet wood before a castle in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Grinding through those low levels in Duskwood.
An ornate castle fallen into ruins in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Did Cainhurst Castle finally turn the heating on?
A figure walks down a dark hall with severed limbs hanging from ceiling hooks in an Elden Ring screenshot.
That new painting really ties the Depths kitchen together. Butchers must be dead chuffed.
A regal mutant with many, many limbs and a giant hammer in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Lothric and Lorian have been hitting that HGH.
A warrior holds up a burning torch in a dark cave filled with ants and eggs in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Glad to see Quelaag's Sister has put all that Humanity I gave her to good use.
A regal figure sets in a fancy room beside a bodyguard in an Elden Ring screenshot.
I prithee partake of my rotted blood.
A giant glowing hand envelops an undressed man in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Our boy Manus finally saw a dentist about his horrible handteeth. Or a manicurist?
An armoured warrior pleads for mercy in an Elden Ring screenshot.
The tables are turned, and this time the Undead Parish's Balder Knights are pleading for mercy from a low-level scrub in rags with a mace.
Urns with arms and legs amid overgrown ruins in an Elden Ring screenshot.
THESE are the good urns. Oh I'm going to get murdered so hard when I try to roll through them. Can't wait.

Elden Ring is due to launch January 21st, 2022. It really does look a lot like Dark Souls, and I am so very okay with that. Ah go on, let's watch that trailer again.

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