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Commercial Strategies: Paradox Open New Web Store

A double-blast sounded from the Paradox news-horn this afternoon. The first tone was very much the sound of the company blowing its own trumpet and with good reason, as there are now over half a million subscribers to the Paradox forums. The second trembling note heralded the arrival of a new Paradox webstore, with discounts of 55% on several titles to celebrate the launch. It's not the most navigable of stores as I write this That's better - there's a proper storefront now. Among other discounts, Crusader Kings II is £13.50 at the moment.

Half a million forum members is a lot, but big numbers aren't necessarily worthy of mention on their own. The Paradox forums are fine places to visit though, with plenty of interaction between fans and developers, and all sorts of in depth discussions and helpful guides. CEO Fredrik Wester had this to say:

"We got our start in strategy and those games continue to drive forum conversations, whether they’re tearing us apart because of a few historical liberties taken in Crusader Kings, or telling us they can’t wait for some of our newer action titles like Dungeonland or The Showdown Effect. Our sincere thanks to all 500,000 of you loyal lunatics.”

Speaking of Dungeonland, it was due for release tomorrow but has been pushed back to the 29th of this month in order to provide a better launch experience.

Oh, and as I finish this post, the forums have collapsed. I think all 500,000 members just signed in at once to express their gratitude for the gift in their inbox. Do take a look if you're a member.

Edit: They seem to be back now!

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