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Competitive Clicking: Starcraft II Tournament

It seems like only last week that I found myself watching men playing Countertstrike and wondering how they came to be so good at man-shooting and here I am today watching two people playing Starcraft 2, which makes me realise how bad I am at mouse-clicking. These people though? Very good at mouse-clicking. They're playing in the Grand Final of Blizzcon's Starcraft 2 tournament and the winner scoops $50,000, which is probably half of America's forecast GDP for 2012. I don't follow the competitive Starcraft community, but I believe the two fellows playing have what the kids call 'beef' with one another. Enjoy

As my knowledge of the scene is so poor I've evidently chosen a fairly rubbish match, so here are the GSL Finals. Is this better? Are you appeased?

I'm starting to understand the appeal of watching this kind of thing, even though I'm left with even deeper feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt than I consider optimal. Seeing the game played at this level does show off the brilliance of its design, and it all becomes very exciting and tense. Thanks to Gamefront for pointing the online video out.

There are many more videos of the convention's tournaments at Blizzard's site, viewable until November 20th.

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