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Control shows off the new tricks and terrors of its first expansion

Standing in the way of Control

With the first story expansion for Control out next week, Remedy have released a new trailer showing more of the interdimensional horrors we'll be squishing in the Oldest House this time. Remedy say that The Foundation will explore more of the Oldest House's history as Jesse tries to fight off yet more interdimensional threats. Going by the trailer below, she has some cool new tricks up her sleeve.

"Jesse is alerted by the Board that a situation has arisen in the Foundation, the bedrock of the Oldest House," the blurb says. "A mysterious structure called the Monolith has been damaged, resulting in the Astral Plane leaking into the Foundation. If Jesse does not find a way to stop it, the entire Oldest House, along with the Bureau, will be consumed by this invading dimension."

Ugh, but I cleaned out the dimension's litter tray last week - can't someone else have a go?

I'm excited for more Control story. I do enjoy pottering around that world and building. It's a shame combat can be such a chore. I found smashing through trash monsters with my superpowers a right lark but anything that didn't fall over quickly was just not fun or interesting, and some boss battles felt outright random (looking at you, fungoid). Our former boy Brendy said in his Control review that he found one boss so off-putting that he gave up on side-quests. I persevered to get more of those fun storybits but ah, I can't blame him.

Remedy also say a free update is coming for all players, which "includes the Shield Rush ability upgrade, the option to redistribute spent Ability Points," and more "quality of life updates."

The Foundation will launch next Thursday, March 26th on the Epic Games Store. It'll cost £12 as an expansion on its tod, or the season pass including the second expansion too is £20. Due in "late summer," the add-on named simply AWE is about a lost sector of the Oldest House dedicated to studying the most dangerous Altered World Events - though hints suggest maybe it will be an Alan Wake crossover too.

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