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Spacetrain puzzler Cosmic Express chug chuggas out

Looks lovey

The intergalactic planetary puzzling of Cosmic Express [official site] has pulled into the station. It's a cute little puzzler about laying train tracks inside spacedomes to bring passengers to their destinations. It looks lovely and sounds simple but I'd expect fiendish puzzling as it's made by folks from such fine head-scratchers as A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and Sokobond. Have a gander at this trailer:

Yup, that'll be a thunker all right. Pip played a wee bit last month and reported back on the basics and some twists:

"As the levels progress you'll encounter other spanners in the works. I've just found a cute little green alien who coats the train cars it hops into in green goop so the other kinds of aliens refuse to get in. That's changed a straightforward level into a more considered experience as I work around my messy passenger!"

Cosmic Express is made by Alan Hazelden and Benjamin Davis, who are the Good Snowman gang, together with Tyu. If you don't know Tyu's work and dealio, check out Hannah Nicklin's profile of Tyu from her series about the fab French collective Klondike, of which Tyu is a member. [Update: It's been pointed out that I neglected to mention the sound's from Maize Wallin and music's by Nick Dymond. Apologies!]

You can nab Cosmic Express now for Windows, Mac, and Linux from Itch and Steam. Itch gives both DRM-free versions and a Steam key while offering the devs more cash. It'll run you about £5.59/7,99€/$7.99 now, which includes a 20% launch discount.

[Disclosure: Alan Hazelden crashed on the sofa and/or floor of my old flat a few times cos he's chums with my old flatmate. The flow and routing through our flat was awful - nothing compared to the black mold, though.]

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