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Counter-Strike: GO Finds Freaky Fowl, Guts Griefers


It's both trick and treat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [official site] in the latest update. With Spookday almost upon us, Valve have unleashed the scary chickens again. This time, they've got cute little carved pumpkin heads as they strut and scurry around levels. Those sillies are the treat. The trick? Valve are ramping up the punishment for players convicted of griefing by a trial of their peers, going straight to permanent bans on the second offence. And then Chet Faliszek TPs your house.

Pip and I have put our heads together and come up with the definitive CS: GO Halloween chicken ranking:

3) Pumpkinhead
2) Zombie
1) Ghost

It's not that the pumpkinhats are bad - they're delightful! - but it's hard to compete with chickens who rise from the dead with wings outstretched or wear sheets to pretend to be ghosts. What great chickens they all are. The other festive chickens - bunny ears, Christmas jumpers, and so on - have been fab too.

As for griefers, well! CS:GO's Overwatch program, where players review replays of others who've been reported for suspected cheating or bad behaviour then together make rules, is now harsher. Rather than endlessly handing out month-long temporary bans for griefing, the Overwatch punishment for a second offence jumps to a permanent ban. You behave, now.

Check out the patch notes to see everything else that changed, including a few bug fixes and some tweaks to the revamped Inferno.

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