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Jury Duty - Counter-Strike: GO Overwatch Leaves Beta

Community policing

I found jury duty sickening, but I might have been less furious had I received a medal from Her Majesty (Kylie Minogue, Queen of Pop obvs). Probably the closest you could get to that in PC gaming would be, I don't know, Valve giving you a knife for convicting jerks? Well blow me down, that's what you can now (indirectly) get in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [official site]!

Valve have wrapped up beta testing of CS:GO's blaggard-judging 'Overwatch' program and officially launched it, now with the added perk of giving people XP for reviewing cases. And you know what XP means: crates! And you know what crates mean: knives!

The Overwatch program lets chosen players (selected on criteria including playing a lot and having few reports against them) review games where players have been reported for "disruptive" behaviour - griefing or cheating. If enough of these "investigators" agree, the guilty party is punished. You know, a bit like League of Legends' Tribunal.

And, now it's out of beta, the investigators will get a little XP reward they'll pick up next time they play, Valve explain. Players who report cheaters will now receive notifications if the naughty person gets banned too.

CS:GO also now has the option for rank 40 people to reset their rank in exchange for a shiny 2015 Service Medal that'll show up anywhere their avatar is visible. Grind for the grinding god!

Check the patch notes for more on this latest update.

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