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The Sound Of Silencers: CS:GO Music Kits

Counterstrike Go! Team

And in "Well this is a nice idea but it would involve me not playing Jason Derulo on repeat while headshotting Ben so you can count me out" news: there are now Counter-Strike: Global Offensive music kits.

What that means is when you have a music kit equipped it replaces the in-game music with music from your kit. That covers *deep breath* the main menu, round start, round end, bomb planting, bomb warning, round won, round lost, round end warning and death camera bits of a match. For extra RUB-IT-IN-YOUR-FACE-ness there's also a special MVP anthem which plays to everyone when you're MVP.

That does raise the question "What would be the point of anyone except Pip having an MVP anthem given they would never hear it?" Good question, internet. Now here's an answer.

As you might expect given it's a Valve development, you can share kits you're playing with through the scoreboard – just check the context menu. That means you can borrow other people's music and therefore (presumably) their MVP anthems.

There are currently nine music kits available and they feature compositions from the likes of Austin Wintory (The Banner Saga, Sunset), Sean Murray (Call Of Duty: World At War, Black Ops) and Daniel Sadowski (A Boy And His Blob, Gratuitous Space Battles 2).

Volvo: pls to add Darude, Jason Derulo and Katy Perry kits. Or Hotel California as performed by The Deagles. Thx.

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