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Craftopia, the everything game, is on Xbox Game Pass now

Zelda + Factorio + Stardew + uh tanks + dune buggies?? + SSX

The description under the latest trailer for Craftopia explains that its developers "combined many features we find enjoyable, such as hunting, farming, hack-and-slash, building, [and] automation" in making the game. It does not explain whether catching giraffes in Pokéball-like traps counts as "hunting", or whether blasting cows into space with a baseball bat is "hack-and-slash."

Craftopia remains every game that has ever existed, from Zelda to Factorio, just as it was last year - only now it's available via Xbox Game Pass.

This trailer is almost identical to the one last year, although the cows being fed into lava have been moved upfront (where they belong) and there's new footage showing various mounts. The mounts include the aforementioned giraffe, and also a chicken that seems potentially larger than the giraffe? Why not. Why Not: The Game, even.

Craftopia remains in early access, and so is classified as a "Game Preview" release on Game Pass. Its next major update is reportedly due on September 30th, although the planned features are perhaps a little too on-the-nose. Eg. it will contain content such as "the new guns that are stronger than the current ones."

I've got a soft spot for developers Pocket Pair, anyway. That's in part because I quite enjoyed Overdungeon, their spectacle-focused tower defence/card game, and partly because they've already announced their next game, Palworld. Palworld looks strongly like Pokémon, but with machineguns - and possibly also the ability to make your Pokémon work in a factory that makes machineguns.

Also, watch this not-a-lycanroc slide away from the camera at 12 seconds into the trailer and tell me they didn't just replace the motorbike model which slid in the Craftopia trailer above:

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