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This mod’s amazing contraptions made me reinstall Minecraft

I even made my own server for it

Minecraft’s automation stuff can do amazing things, but there’s often a disconnect between what the things look like (a pile of blocks with a piston attatched) and what they do (an intricate feat of redstone trickery that powers a recreation of Super Mario Bros.). Create mod fills in that gap with an array of parts that power physical builds. Swivelly arms that push and pull levers, conveyor belts of automatic potion fillers, cog driven... well everything. It makes Minecraft feel alive and connected in a way I never thought possible. It’s like seeing behind the scenes at Willy Wonka’s factory.

This story is about what everyone else is doing with it because I’ve only just started looking at the documentation for it. Here's how "Simi Cats" made a cake (and a trailer).

Here’s a good tutorial by “polartt” that also shows you how the sausages are made. Create’s physical systems include things like rotation, conveyor belts, and moving grabbers, but with an additional programming layer that lets you define where items move around the map. So you can add filters to the conveyors and divert resources all over the place.

Version 0.3 was released in December, and not long after “Ash” built this delightful cable car. It’s great. It even slows down for the player to get on at a platform. This is what made me dig out my old PC and build a Minecraft server with it as the main mod.

A far more complex creation, but still in the same wheelhouse, is “bubberboybich’s” monorail.

Monorail I Made with the Create Mod from feedthebeast

You don’t need to build "realistic" creations. The rotational axis points that you can make working windmills with can also power vast parkour maps as well.

Inspired? I was. I hope once my little group of friends settles into the new server we can come together to work out our own cable car system. Or at least some sort of hand-cranked doodad. Create’s available for 1.14 and up, and you can grab it here.

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