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Crimson Blaggard: Red Rogue

Wouldn't it be great if someone took part roguelike and part platformer and stuck them in a programming pot, producing some tasty gaming gumbo? Yes, I know about Spelunky. I was spelunkying before all the hip kids jumped on board. I'm talking about something else here. Red Rogue is a work in progress, an entry into the IGF 2012, which isn't really a roguelike platformer at all, it's more like a sidescrolling roguelike. The graphics are minimalist and, to my eye, pleasingly effective, there's already a great deal of variety in items and enemies, and if it wasn't the beginning of a busy day, I'd probably end up playing this for hours. Current build here.

The post where the game is located also contains previous builds, as well as some of the technology, including the stuff used for dungeon generation. Now that's an open policy to design.

Combat works by bumping into enemies, much like in the venerable Rogue itself, but here it's possible to push them off a ledge and then stomp on their head. They can also do the same to you, so avoid high-powered enemies until you've levelled up if you don't want to be catapulted across a level, bleeding profusely. And there is a lot of blood. Final word to creator Aaron Steed (of Nitrome).

...when you score a critical hit on a kill, you knock their head off and you can boot it along like a football. I spent an evening putting it in because it amused me. Someone suggested the decapitated heads inflict damage, so I put it in.

There is also a chance to tear out a heart in combat. This is effectively the potion system. You eat the hearts of your enemies to regain health.


Thanks to Indiegames.

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