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Crowtel hits Steam, renovated with extra story

Cute and fun platforming

Back in 2015, I quite enjoyed Crowtel, a small platformer starring a crow who manages a hotel. That's why it's called Crowtel: she's a crow and she manages a hotel. But when the Health Inspector Cats come calling, Crow needs to quickly fix the hotel's many problems by running, jumping, and violently cawing. Fighting laundry machines, accidentally freezing the place, arguing with lazy builders... it was cute and fun.

This isn't just me confused and rambling about the past on a Monday morning: Crowtel has been expanded, fancied up, and released on Steam as Crowtel Renovations. It includes a new story, named Croaktel. You'll never guess what.

Croaktel is actually about a frog named Lily who runs an apartment complex (so maybe Croakpartment Hoplex, yeah? that's catchy), though I do imagine its problems are similarly solved by running and jumping and bopping. Crowtel Renovations also brings controller support, a developer commentary, bug fixes, and such.

Crowtel Renovations is £3.99/4,99€/$4.99 on Steam for Windows. A Mac version will return after some fixing.

The original pay-what-you-want release is no longer up for you to try. If you're curious, though, here's Smite and Catsworth playing it back in 2015:

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