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Crowtel: You're A Crow Running A Hotel, See

Cute free platformer

It's called Crowtel [official site], right, because you're a crow and you're working in a hotel. But wait, this pay-what-you-want game has more than a cute pun and a cute crow! They're also a lazy crow, so the hotel is in an awful state when the health inspector cats come calling. The short platformer will have you fixing toilets, dodging giant balls of laundry, and dealing with slighted skeletons. I haven't finished it yet, but I will once I finish, you know, writing a news post about it - it's pretty fun!

It's a simple platformer - you run, jump, and chirp to shoot - but it's quite charming, from the way Crow scrawls their name on sign-in sheets to the simple bead of sweat on their brow when the inspectors turn up. You do a lot of weird things, flooding the hotel trying to fix a toilet, having a boss fight against a skeletal guests you unthinkingly offend, and... it made me smile, and it might make you smile too. I like smiling.

(Top tip: Z and X are your action keys, and don't press escape because it will close the game, not return to the menu. Also, it's a shame the upscaling options filter the image and make it all blurry.)

Crowtel is a pay-what-you want download for Windows on Itch. It's made by 'Sink' with music from 'Capt Beard'. Here, look at all these crows:

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