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Crucial's cheap Ballistix RAM sale continues with more deals

Even cheaper RAM deals

The sale on Crucial's Ballistix RAM continues on Amazon UK today with even more great deals on their mid-range Sport LT and RGB-ified Tactical Tracer modules. Alas, yesterday's deals on Crucial's high-end Ballistix Elite sticks have all been gobbled up now, but you can still grab a 16GB (2x 8GB) 3000MHz kit for £52.99, or an 8GB (2x 4GB) 2666MHz kit for as little as £29.49. Read on for more highlights.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'd imagine a lot of these deals have come about because Crucial have just revamped their Ballistix RAM series, as today sees the launch of their new Ballistix and Ballistix Max line-ups. This simplified range of RAM should hopefully make things a bit easier to understand going forward, as you no longer have to figure out whether a Sport is better than a Sport LT, or whether a Sport LT is better than a Tactical Tracer. Instead, you'll just have regular Ballistix kits for your typical gaming PC, while the Ballistix Max series is more obviously designed for high-end overclockers and those looking to get the absolute best out of their system.

That doesn't mean that Crucial's out-going Ballistix series aren't worth buying any more, of course, as these are still great RAM kits in their own right. You can see the whole range of deals here, but the following deals are my personal picks:

Alas, the only Crucial Ballistix deal going on in at Amazon US right now is this single red Sport LT 2666MHz 8GB module for $29.49. Sorry US folk!

Still, as we discussed yesterday, 16GB is a good amount to aim for if you're thinking about upgrading your PC soon. Most gaming PCs should have at least 8GB in this day and age, but 16GB just gives you that extra bit of breathing room for running other applications at the same time such as your web browser or your favourite bit of streaming software. As for 32GB of RAM, you only really need to have this much if you're running a really high-end PC that's also running things like databases and whatnot. On an ordinary PC, 32GB won't get you any extra benefit.

I wouldn't worry too much about the speed of your RAM, either. For most PCs, 2666MHz / 3000MHz is perfectly fine, and you won't see much benefit going beyond that. Indeed, my RAM is still running at 2133MHz at the moment, and I haven't had any complaints about it, so don't be put off by the RAM deals that are only clocked at 2400MHz / 2666MHz.

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