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Crucial's 1TB NVMe SSD is stupidly cheap right now: £60

The Crucial P2 normally costs £100+, making this the best ever price by a huge margin.

Crucial's P2 NVMe SSD is a great value drive, offering up to 2400MB/s speeds - while costing only a little more as SATA SSDs that are nearly five times slower. Normally, the P2 costs around £90 or £100, but today someone at Ebuyer got a bit excited and dropped their price to £60. Amazon matched the price, and now you can pick up the drive from either retailer at an absolutely wild total. I'm buying one, and I don't even need it - it's just too good of a deal to pass up!

The Amazon price graph tells the whole story, really. This is over the last three months - you can see it sometimes dips to around £80, but most of the time the drive is £100 or even more. Then yesterday, it drops to £80, and then today it's down to £60. It's by far the lowest price ever recorded for this drive, and beats the original RRP of £108 into a cocked hat.

a price graph of the Crucial P2 1TB NVMe SSD on Amazon, showing some fluctuation before today's all-time best deal of £59.99

So it's a good price - but why is it worth getting? Well, the P2 falls into a very useful category of NVMe SSDs, which pair the super-fast NVMe standard with relatively mundane flash memory. It's not as fast as the best PCIe 4.0 or even 3.0 drives, thanks to its lack of a DRAM cache and the use of QLC flash memory over faster TLC NAND - but that means it's sold at quite a reasonable price. And the NVMe interface means it's considerably faster than your bog-standard 2.5-inch SATA SSD. Those max out at around 550MB/s, making the 2400MB/s sequential read speeds that the Crucial P2 is capable of around four to five times faster. That's a difference you'll definitely notice when copying large files around, and it's matched by competitive random read and write speeds too.

In Katharine's review of the Crucial P2 from earlier this year, she reported loading times "up there with the best" of other drives, offering comparable gaming performance to much more expensive options. She also noted that the P2 was "definitely a better buy than rival SATA SSDs", and that was before this bonkers discount.

So: one of the best SSDs for gaming, that way outperforms SATA alternatives, at the kind of price point that not even SATA drives have ever treaded. Seriously, if you look at the Crucial MX500 on Amazon, the company's best SATA SSD, it costs £90 for a 1TB model and only ever got as cheap as £73 for a few days - so £60 for a drive that's more than four times faster is incredible. It won't last long, so do snap it up while you can if you could do with more storage!

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