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Crusader Kings II: Conclave Arrives, Toting Update

No more giving birth to horses

The launch of a new expansion for Crusader Kings II [official site] is a happy time. Folks with spare cash can add an interesting new system to the dynasty-building strategy game, all players benefit from a big free update launching alongside it, and non-players like me get to enjoy the silliness that comes in that update's changelog.

So, the Conclave expansion has arrived today to add a council who can work with or against rulers, the update has added an infamy system, and I'm giggling at patch notes explaining that humans should no longer give birth to horses and wondering whether "History is no longer executed if the player loads a savegame" refers to somehow sticking the head of history itself on a pike above the gates.

For starters, here are my selected highlights of patches 2.5.0 and 2.5.1, which are both here alongside Conclave:

  • Rulers can no longer send legates to themselves to complain.
  • Eunuchs can no longer use seduction focus.
  • Blind chancellors should no longer look inappropriately at your spouse.
  • Being pregnant now gives a -2 personal combat skill modifier.
  • Your eunuch sons will no longer get the serving maids pregnant.
  • Fix that should stop the humans giving birth to horses.
  • No longer blocks female horses from being on the council.
  • Muslims unless they are sinful will no longer die from poisoned wine.
  • The writers of the chronicle will no longer try to cover-up the warning of the coming of Xuhmalz, the demon lord, whom left a message set in stone.

This is, of course, skipping the actually meaningful changes the update brought. Hey, read the notes for yourself, pal.

Anyway, Conclave! The expansion turns your council of vassals into a force who'll have interests and demands of their own. They can keep a nation settled, or they can agitate and stir up trouble - depending on how you treat them. It's £10.99 on Steam, though Green Man Gaming will sling a Steam key your way for £8.80 if you use their voucher code 20PERC-WTHGMG-201627. Here's the launch trailer for Conclave:

But this here video dev diary goes into more detail:

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