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Crusader Kings 3: Fates of Iberia DLC launches on May 31st

Brings new Struggles system to Spain and Portugal

Paradox are dragging the Iberian peninsula into Crusader Kings 3’s grand strategy medieval world of backstabbing and throne-shagging on May 31st with the Fates Of Iberia ‘flavor pack’ DLC.

Chief among the additions in Fates Of Iberia is the new Struggles system, which is moddable and customisable. Paradox haven’t said much about what this entails, but from the screenshots they’ve shared on Steam it looks like Struggles will affect particular regions. Struggles have distinct phases that your ruler will need to navigate with their decisions and actions, and each phase seems to have effects on war, culture and faith. There are a few options on how to resolve Struggles through compromise, like maintaining the status quo rather than trying to achieve dominance or détente.

Crusader Kings 3 Fates of Iberia introduces a new system called Struggles
Current phase: Hostility. Sounds like Crusader Kings 3 alright.

Aside from the new system, the pack adds in Urbane and Coterie Legacy tracks and new Cultural Traditions. There are also fresh historical events that reach outside of the Iberian peninsula, if you get bored of there. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention there are some proper bad-ass hats inspired by those of the time and place included in this DLC too.

The first DLC pack for Crusader Kings was Northern Lords – Vikings, obvs – in March last year. Nate called it “a feast for roleplayers”. The Royal Court expansion was announced all the way back in May, but was postponed until this February due to “stability” concerns from Paradox. Nate took a look last month at why Crusader Kings 3 still feels fresh after 18 months of courtly intrigue. He recently regaled the world with several tales of brave Gigaknight and his spawn too, the result of making a Crusader Kings 3 ruler with every stat set to max.

Crusader Kings 3: Fates Of Iberia is up for pre-purchase on Steam for £5/€7/$7 and is on Microsoft Store too. While you’re biding your time until Fates Of Iberia arrives, you could always consult our guide to the best starting characters in Crusader Kings 3 if you’re a novice ruler and looking for some regal pointers.

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