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Crusader Kings 3's patch 1.1 culls excessive bastardisation and other AI quirks

The AI is getting a confidence boost too

Medieval conquer 'em up Crusader Kings 3 will be pushing out a huge patch to fix all sorts of bugs and AI oddities. Really though, it almost feels like some of these bugs deserve to stay. They're hard-working bugs, folks. The strategy simulation is adding fixes for overzealous spymasters, children with poor role models, and Popes with a taste for the flesh of the faithful.

The 1.1 patch notes are pretty dang lengthy, addressing all sorts of odd edge cases that may have thrown off your crusading kingdoms.

The patch actually addresses a couple issues that I found particularly humorous in early CK3 player stories like spymasters plotting to murder themselves. According to the patch notes, "spymasters will no longer try to dig up dirt on themselves". I sure hope that includes attempted self-murders.

Another player was having a lot of trouble maintaining their family line while their wives and daughters were constantly being seduced. The developers confirm that they've taken a couple measures to address that problem. More restrictions have been added to the check for characters willing to cheat on their spouses. They've also revoked the AI's permission to kick off a "Confused Heritage" event as they say "the AI was going a bit wild with it and turning everyone into bastards unnecessarily."

There's a whole section full of AI changes that seem largely focused on making it a bit more savvy with war and other combat encounters. Apparently it was often confused by naval warfare tactics.

I imagine that nearly all of these fixes solve problems that would become genuinely frustrating when encountered too often, but several are quite amusing to scroll through as line items. Here are some other issues that Paradox say will be fixed in patch 1.1:

  • Reclusive characters will no longer host feasts
  • Naughty children go straight to jail with no education
  • Children are no longer encouraged to pick up more spouses
  • Children can no longer be educated by hardened criminals
  • Infertile spouses will now no longer wish each other "a long life and many children"
  • The Pope can no longer publicly accept cannibalism
  • Vassals of vassals are now able to declare war on vassals of their liege's liege
  • If you promise a vassal to educate their child they will now be miffed if you try to return the child
  • Gave the AI some self-confidence lessons. Just because its liege is a complete coward, that doesn't mean it should avoid making or joining factions. It should only do so if they themselves are cowed

Crusader Kings 3 patch 1.1 will be released on Tuesday, September 29th.

If the bug in your kingdom is actually your own confidence, check out RPS's Crusader Kings 3 beginner's tips for some helpful reminders.

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