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Crysis 3's DLC Welcomes You Back To The Jungle

Sooooo, Crysis 3 sure was a videogame. Its single-player had all the guns and all the graphics and all the armored land squids, but it still managed to fall well short of its predecessors' remarkably intelligent brand of sci-fi hyperdumb. Oh, and there was multiplayer too  - because again, videogame. Unfortunately, glimmers of asymmetrical, suits-vs-skins potential were mostly paved over by a heaping gray load of blah. But hey, there's still some hope, because Crytek's injecting MP with a new dose of life via a DLC pack called The Lost Island. The mini-expansion leaves behind New York's mostly concrete jungle in favor of the regular kind while also adding multiple new modes and maps. And thus, the series comes full circle in a really bizarre, potentially upsetting way. Details after the break.

The four new maps are all set on the titular island, which CELL wants to investigate because aliens or whatever. Anyway, they're called Coastline, Creek, Crossing, and Ascent. Pictures of natural beauty, those - especially tropical Ascents, which I have heard are quite nice this time of year.

The two new modes, meanwhile, work like this:

“Frenzy adds a new dimension to deathmatch, a cycling weapon loadout every 60 seconds keeps tension high as players can only respawn during the next loadout change. An intensifying radar sweep keeps track of every move. Only the most skillful Hunter will win.”

“In Possession, players secure the single objective flag for the longest time in order to win, but once the flag is secured they become the hunted, permanently tagged in the enemies HUD. Possession also boasts a team based variant, where co-ordination and teamwork will ensure victory.”

So basically, these modes sound like they're all about closing distance and getting to the action-packed point as soon as possible. Hm. Hello, Crysis' old stomping grounds. Meet nu-Crysis' love of brainless deathsplosions. Yes, yes, you two make pleasantries. Be polite, though. Oh, and don't forget to curtsy.

But then, who knows? The maps could still be sprawling odes to the first game's loftiest trees and lowliest turtles. I suppose we'll just have to wait until Lost Island releases on June 4th to find out. In the meantime, here are some non-moving pictures - well-meaning men frozen in an unending dance of death - to maybe persuade you to buy a thing.

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