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Crytek are booting up something Crysis related

Can it run Crysis?

After a long sleep, Crysis appears to be waking up. Crytek have been busy in the meantime with the likes of Hunt: Showdown while Crysis took something of a cold-storage nap. The  super serious super soldier FPS series added Crysis 3 to the stables back in 2013. Seven years later, the official Crysis Twitter account is broadcasting signs of life.

In a tweet today, the Crysis account says simply (in all caps) "Receiving data". So what's that all about then? Well, we don't know, but betting folks would put their money on either Crysis 4 or a Crysis 1 remaster. Personally, I'd guess a remaster since we're still in the boom of old games made new.

This follows after Crytek's Crysis-related April foolins joke this year. They updated the Crysis website with an animated image of Crysis 1's protagonist Nomad. Instead of confirming anything on April 1st, folks found "April Fools" tucked in the site's code. Now though, perhaps it wasn't a joke after all. Smacks of a remaster, donnit?

The original Crysis is one of the best FPS games on PC so perhaps seeing it again would be more welcome than carrying Crysis 3's torch into the future. Many moons ago, Alec Meer said in his Crysis 3 review that the third game was pretty as Crysis is wont to be but took itself far too seriously.

Can't wait for a new round of "can it run Crysis?" memes.

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