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CS:GO - Best boosts

A list of the most useful boosts in CS:GO.

Maps in CS:GO are not simply an arena in which to point and shoot. Over the years, players have discovered game-altering techniques for smoking off areas and utilising jumps to reach otherwise unreachable ground. If you’re looking to gain an edge over your opponents in Competitive games and have a buddy to give you a hand, learning and performing boosts will give you multiple opportunities to secure a few free frags. In this guide we’ll be covering the best boosts ranging from easy to expert difficulty.

Before we get started, there are two types of boost that you should be aware of. One will enable you to peek from one spot to another, giving you the option to watch an area, quickly eliminate an enemy, and then drop back down to safety. The second type of boost will grant you quick access to an area that you wouldn’t have been able to reach from that direction on your own. Some of these boosts can be performed while stationary, however more complicated ‘run boosts’ will require players to run forward in unison to propel the "boostee" forward. Remember to use boosts sparingly as to keep your enemies on their toes.

Best boosts

Peek: Garage to Mid

  • Map: Cache
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of People Required: 2

Head to Garage and stand behind the big red box on the right side.

Player Boosting: Walk up to the wooden reels next to the big red box and crouch jump (jump while holding Ctrl) onto them. Hold crouch so your teammate can jump onto your back. Remain here until they get a pick or want to move on.

Player Being Boosted: Follow your teammate and jump onto their back. Stand up and peek over the red box. If you feel confident, you can up onto the red box but it’s worth mentioning that it's much safer to remain on your teammate’s back.

Some boosts are best utilised as a one-off tactic to try and surprise your opponent. This boost lets you catch out any unsuspecting CTs trying to run through Mid. As it’s impossible to reach the top of this red box without help, CTs are less likely to check this angle when pushing through.

Peek: Bombsite A to A Main

  • Map: Cache
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of People Required: 2

Make your way to Bombsite A from CT Start and stand behind the big red box in the middle.

Player Boosting: Hold crouch next to the wooden box so that your teammate can jump onto your back and then up onto the box. Once they are standing on the wooden box, you are free to hold another angle on the bombsite.

Player Being Boosted: Jump onto your teammate’s back and then jump once more onto the wooden box. Stand on the box, focusing your attention on the entrance to A Main.

Boosting here makes it very difficult for approaching Ts to see the CT’s head. The Red Box will also provide good cover from reactionary fire.

Peek: Bombsite A to Underpass

  • Map: Cobblestone
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of People Required: 2

From Bombsite A, take a short walk over to the wall overlooking Underpass.

Player Boosting: Walk into the wall and move as close to the corner where the two walls meet as possible. Remain crouched here while your partner stands on your back and tries to pick off approaching Ts.

Player Being Boosted: Jump onto your partner’s back. Peak over the wall to face Underpass and focus on the doorway. Remaining crouched will show a small portion of the doorway but will offer more protection from enemy fire. You can also stand here but bear in mind that this will expose more of your torso.

Watching Underpass from this higher angle will give you a few seconds to pick off an opponent before they spot you. Ts have a number of angles to clear as they move through the doorway and up the ramp, so standing here gives you a decent advantage. Consider purchasing a scoped weapon like the AUG in order to maximise your chances of hitting the enemy.

Peek: Bombsite B to Short

  • Map: Mirage
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of People Required: 2

Make your way to Bombsite B and stand by the cluster of boxes directly opposite Short.

Player Boosting: Crouch behind the grey canisters and remain here until your partner is ready to move.

Player Being Boosted: Jump onto the back of your teammate and make sure you are both standing. Peek through the gap between the top of the canisters and the green tarpaulin.

This boost can be accomplished even without much communication from your teammates. As the player being boosted, all you need to do is shoot the ground by the cluster of boxes. Most players above Silver rank will understand this as the sign to attempt a boost. As a CT, we recommend trying this boost with the AUG or the M4A1-S. Using the AUG, the scope is perfect for picking off enemies at distances like this. Using the M4A1-S, not only can you kill your enemies from an obscure area, your shots won’t be picked up on the radar making it awkward for the enemy team to spot you. Listen out for approaching Ts in Apartments though!

Peek: Bombsite B Window to Toxic

  • Map: Cache
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Number of People Required: 2

Go to Bombsite B and stand on the site.

Player Boosting: Jump up onto the crate of green canisters (located on the right side of the ramp) and jump once more onto the grey cylinders. Turn to face the window. Run and jump onto the boxes below the window and make your way onto the highest box. Hold crouch until your teammate is standing on your back. As your partner jumps, release crouch so that you are standing upright with your teammate on your shoulders.

Player Being Boosted: Copy your teammate’s movements. Upon joining your partner on the boxes under the window, jump onto their back and then jump again so that they can stand up. You should now be able to see through the window into the area below. Wait for an unsuspecting T to step outside and eliminate them with a headshot.

As we mentioned earlier, there are boosts that are best used as one-offs during each game to surprise your opponent. Your opponent will almost never look towards the windows in Bombsite B, giving you the perfect opportunity to strike. Consider using this boost when you think the CT’s AWPer will try to snipe from Toxic to catch them out.

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Access: Drop (Lower Tunnel) to Upper Tunnel

  • Map: Cobblestone
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Number of People Required: 2

Head to Drop (Lower Tunnel) and stand underneath the Upper Tunnel window. Take note of the wooden palette on its side, leaning against the wall below the window.

Player Boosting: Jump onto the crate and walk forward until you’re pressed against the wall. Hold crouch so your teammate can jump onto your back. Release crouch so your teammate can jump and stand on your shoulders.

Wait here until your teammate decides what to do. If they choose to push all the way into Upper Tunnel, you can fall back and find another angle to hold. If your teammate prefers to wait here for a few moments to try to gain information, wait with them. They may encounter an opponent sooner than expected and may have to drop back down into Lower Tunnel.

Player Being Boosted: Once your teammate is crouched, jump onto their back, then jump so they can stand up. You should now be standing on their shoulders and will be able to see into Upper Tunnel. If Ts are already there, try to eliminate them. If you believe it’s safe to venture forward, crouch jump to gain access to Upper Tunnel. Hold Shift to walk quietly and try to eliminate the enemy team from behind.

This boost saves a considerable amount of time when making your way through this map. In addition to this, you can score a number of surprise kills as this Upper Tunnel area is unreachable without the use of a boost.

Access: A Long Dumpster

  • Map: Dust 2
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Number of People Required: 2

Go to A Long and stop next to the blue dumpster opposite the doors.

Player Boosting: Jump onto the wooden box next to the dumpster. Push yourself up against the dumpster and crouch. Once your partner has performed the boost, move away and find another angle to hold.

Player Being Boosted: Jump onto your crouched teammate’s back and then crouch jump onto the dumpster. Find a position that you’re comfortable with and keep an eye on the doors ahead.

Approaching enemies will often gingerly peek round the door expecting to see an opponent holding the opposite corner with an AWP. By altering your position you may be able to catch them off guard here. This spot doesn’t provide a lot of cover so be prepared to drop back down on the left side of the dumpster at a moment’s notice. Do not use this boost every round as Ts will begin checking this spot too.

Access: Bombsite B Site to Heaven

  • Map: Cache
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Number of People Required: 2

Both players start by walking to the area known as ‘Headshot’ on Bombsite B. This spot is on the small walkway between the raised plinth where the bombsite is and the door leading to Tree Room.

Player Boosting: Crouch on the edge of the raised plinth so you’re in-line with the middle of the large stack of canisters on the site. Wait for your teammate to jump on your back and then jump once more so that you are both standing. Run forward at the same time as your teammate to boost them up to Heaven.

Player Being Boosted: Follow your teammate and once crouched, jump onto their back. Jump again so that you are both standing. Ensure that you are facing Heaven and run forward at the same time as your teammate and crouch jump to land on the metal platform at Heaven.

There is a massive risk to this boost as it is very difficult to land successfully, however, the reward can be incredible when done correctly. By run boosting towards Heaven as a T, you can give your team a great advantage by taking over an area that you have no business being in. Once you’ve planted the bomb at Bombsite B, Heaven is one of the only access points for CTs. By claiming this area as your own early on, you can force the CTs to go to the routes that your team already has covered for an easy round win.

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