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C'Thun Warrior (Standard): Mulligan guide and card combos

How to win more games using the best C'Thun Warrior deck in Season 32.

C'Thun Warrior (Standard) Mulligan guide - November 2016

Prioritise keeping Fiery War Axe over all else, otherwise look for Acolyte of Pain and Ravaging Ghoul against aggro opponents. You should obviously start feeding C'Thun as quickly as you can, so keeping Beckoner of Evil or a Disciple of C'Thun is fine.

C'Thun Warrior (Standard) tips, combos and synergies - November 2016

Like many a C'Thun deck, you're largely looking to exploit the synergies between this Old God and his many followers. There's more to this deck than just building a massive end-game monster, however, so take a bit of time to catch up on all the latest combos.

- You can give Shield Slam more of a punch by applying Shield Block first.

- The Battlecry of Ravaging Ghoul will bring any creature into range of Execute. Note that the damage applies to friendly minions too, giving you an extra draw off Acolyte of Pain if it's out on the board.

- Any of your damage pings can be used to bring an enemy minion into the range of Execute.

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- The following cards boost up the strength of C'Thun: Beckoner of Evil, Disciple of C'Thun and C'Thun's Chosen. An active Brann Bronzebeard will trigger a second use of any Battlecries here.

- Twin Emperor Vek'lor and Ancient Shieldbearer both have a Battlecry that is only triggered if C'Thun has reached ten points of Attack power. Try to play early to mid-game cards out in such a way that you achieve these powerful bonus effects.

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