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Cult horror flick Killer Klowns From Outer Space is getting turned into a game

It's going to be an online 3v7 asymmetrical multiplayer, out in 2023

Will clowns ever not be creepy? I've not seen 1988 film Killer Klowns From Outer Space, but from the look of the game adaptation's trailer, I don't think I ever want to. Announced during Opening Night Live at this year's Gamescom, the cult classic horror flick is getting a multiplayer horror game release.

If you're not familiar with the film, the title kinda says it all. A group of aliens disguised as clowns invade earth and start killing people - simple! I'm told the trailer harkens back to some iconic moments from the film, so take a look below:

We only get snippets of gameplay from the trailer, but I'm kinda sold on the idea of a campy horror game with killer clowns. Players can play as either the clowns or citizens of Crescent Cove, with publisher Good Shepeard explaining that you can choose from a variety of "classes" (no information about what that exactly means yet) and explore an "everchanging map".

As the clowns, your mission is to hunt down all the humans and take over the town. As the humans, you'll need to avoid getting captured by the clowns and sabotage the alien invasion. Multiplayer is 3v7 (clowns and humans respectively) with some PVE thrown in.

It's all a little vague right now, but hopefully we'll get some more solid information in the future. Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game doesn't yet have a release date, but we can expect it to release sometime in 2023.

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