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Cultist Simulator summons New Game+ mode today

Plus, spooky librarian

If you've survived dark forces and fancy a greater challenge than wrangling a cult to uncover and master the terrible secrets at the heart of the world (easy peasy tbh), Cultist Simulator has your back. The eldritch... survival RPG (?) today adds a New Game+ mode in a free update, letting us continue our tale in a difficult and terrible new way. It's a right big'un too, bunging in 20,000-odd new words. Some might even be brand new words.

Beyond this, head cultist Alexis Kennedy is kicking around the idea of making a standalone expansion sorta thing about playing a librarian organising an esoteric collection.

The update should be live on Steam, Itch, GOG, and the Humble Store rrrright about now. 7pm, developers Weather Factory said. As for how it works, minor spoilers for the games ending follow... (though you should have guessed by now?)

"You achieved immortality? Well done. Now, the hard bit," Weather Factory explain. "Play as your own Apostle, executing a doomsday plan to make your immortal character something like a god. Pursue the path of Grail, Lantern or Forge. Assemble the Great Feast; open a door into light; or Bring the Dawn."

Which will of course reveal more of the wider culty world as you cult harder. Nic Reuben liked all that in our Cultist Simulator review so good, good.

As for the mooted librarian game, Kennedy raised the idea on Twitter on Wednesday.

"Books arrive in your occult library and you just examine, catalogue and arrange them, then provide them to visitors," he explained. "Very low challenge, lots of careful board organisation."

After being egged on by a great many tweets, Kennedy expanded in the Weather Factory newsletter.

"I've been thinking a lot recently about whether we would ever do a more relaxed game experience. A lot of people over the last decade have said 'AK, I like your words, please put them in a game that doesn't want to hurt me'," he said.

"I would like to do something serenely menacing and peacefully gothic where the challenge is 'your indexing is out of date' and 'the patrons are tutting' and possibly 'a cat has nibbled your under-repair book' rather than 'YOUR SOUL WILL BE EATEN BY A THING WITH ANOTHER THING FOR A HEAD'."

It's still just an idea, mind. He says they have work on Cultist Simulator planned until April, then other projects due to enter pre-production soon, so... maybe. Kennedy says that when they have time, "Lottie [Bevan, co-founder and producer] and I are going to sit down and look seriously at how we could make this work. It's not out of the question that you might see a Kickstarter this year." Or you might not!

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