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Runneth Over: Cuphead Is Now A Full Platformer


The last time we saw Cuphead it was at E3 2015 and the game, styled like an early 20th century cartoon, was all about defeating devious boss characters. Now E3 2016 looms and the game has returned, only now it's not just about beating bosses but about jumping and bopping heads across traditional platformer levels. And it still looks amazing.

Or what I mean is, its art style looks amazing. I love the idea of a platformer designed to look like an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, and there's something more impressive technically about the animation in this than there is about a thousand high-poly faces in some action blockbuster.

That said, I'm not sure I want to play the game any more now than I did before. I'm no fan of the kind of retro boss fight-laden games Cuphead was aping before, and now it looks like a traditional-to-a-fault Mario-style platformer. I may have jumped on as many heads as I can stand for one lifetime, without some other interactive distraction to enliven the experience.

Cuphead is due for release later this year and given the timing of this trailer it seems safe to assume we'll see more of it next week during E3 proper. Here's a hand set of links for keeping up with the E3 2016 schedule.

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