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Cuphead is now out. CUPHEAD!


Our cup runneth over, then it runneth away to shooteth enemies. The mighty Cuphead [official site], a shooty platformer with smooth jazz and a gorgeous hand-animated style using techniques of 1930s cartoons, is now out. After several years of shouting CUPHEAD at each other, we can finally play. Don't mistake its fun style for an easy game, mind, as Cuphead will drink you up and spit you back out if you're not careful.


Just look at 'em!

Cuphead is a run 'n' gun platformer about cup-headed fellas who owe the devil a terrible debt and must repay him by, ultimately, running and jumping and shooting. It does support two-player local co-op, for those who have a cupchum near.

When we first saw Cuphead, it was focused on those delightful boss battles as developers Studio MDHR were only a three-person team. But when it became clear many players wanted more (mate, I'd be happy with the bosses), two of MDHR quit their jobs, remortgaged their houses, and started expanding the team. Now there are run-o-jumpy levels with enemies aplenty between those boss battles.

Cuphead is out now for £14.99/€19.99/$19.99 Steam, GOG, and the Windows 10 store.

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