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Cursed To Golf is a "golf like" that's also a roguelike with over 80 holes

Don't 18 holes already feel like an eternity?

No, Cursed To Golf is not the calendar title I've given to my partner's yearly company party, although it could be. It's a "golf like" game that's also a roguelike where you move around the world by slapping shots and staying under par. I may disagree with Chuhai Labs' belief that golf is inherently fun and comprehensible, and yet somehow I sure do like where they've taken this dreaded sport. What a trick shot! Chuhai Labs introduce the foundations of purgatory golf in their new trailer here and it actually doesn't look like torture.

"Make your way through a hole within the PAR Count or your curse will take you back to the beginning of the course," say Chuhai Labs. "To add to the challenge, these courses don’t just have bunkers and rough spots but are also chock full of mad obstacles like high powered fans, spikes, TNT boxes, teleporters and a whole load more."

Spot all that explosive golfing action down here along with a bit of an explanation from game director Liam Edwards.

Cursed To Golf is a "golf like" in that you're attempting to hit your ball into the hole within a certain number of shots. That's about where the similarities end though. You're smacking your way through a sideview 2D world that Chuhai say is inspired by Metroid-y games. You'll also unlock powerups and such to give your putting game some extra kick. "Scattershot, U-Turn, Rocketball, and Mulligan" are some of the special Ace Cards you'll have up your sleeves.

Effectively it's a 2D physics puzzler with powerups, then. I say that positively, to be clear. Because I think golf looks bad but this looks rad. A "golf like" for those who do not like golf.

Cursed To Golf also mentions that in addition to your over 80 holes of golfing purgatory, there will be a daily challenge mode and online leaderboards for those who really do want to play for an eternity.

By the by, Edwards already ran a practice shot with Cursed To Golf last year. You can try out an early version of the concept in your browser over on Itch if you're curious. Do mind that it's changed quite a bit since then. "I got so much feedback and support from the original concept that I wanted to go all out and create the ultimate version of that initial idea," Edwards says of the Itch version.

You can find the full version of Cursed To Golf over on Steam where it's reserved tee time for 2022.

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