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Cute Minecraft skins - download these skins for your next Minecraft adventure

The cutest collections of pixels in Minecraft

If you're after the cutest skins that the Minecraft playerbase has to offer, you've come to exactly the right place. This Cute Minecraft skins guide will walk you through 10 adorable and wonderful skins, with download links included so you can get stuck into wearing them right away!

Cute Minecraft skins & download links

Below you can find writeups on 10 of the very best cute Minecraft skins we've ever laid eyes on. You can click on the link below each image to download the skin from the Minecraft Skins website.

Gamer Girl - Cute Minecraft skins

Gamer Girl skin

This Gamer Girl Minecraft skin is one of the most popular skins out there. It's cute, it's well-designed, and with the grass block on her front and the Creeper face on her back, there's no doubt what this gamer girl is sitting down to play.

Download the Gamer Girl skin here!

Dino Girl - Cute Minecraft skins

Dino Girl skin

Simple and adorable, this Dino Girl skin is bound to help you stand out from the crowd in any Minecraft world. The rainbow socks are a particularly nice touch.

Download the Dino Girl skin here!

Scarf Boy - Cute Minecraft skins

Scarf Boy skin

I love scarves with a passion. If you're the same, you'll get on well with this Scarf Boy skin for your latest Minecraft adventure. A straightforward appearance and simple clothes serve only to emphasise the scarf wrapped comfortably around this adventurer's face.

Download the Scarf Boy skin here!

Autumn Girl - Cute Minecraft skins

Autumn Girl skin

My favourite Minecraft skin on this list, Autumn Girl is just unbearably cute, with her little cap perfectly rounding off her wonderfully-designed, colour-coordinated autumn outfit.

Download the Autumn Girl skin here!

Bunny Girl - Cute Minecraft skins

Bunny Girl skin

There's something so endearing about the two symmetrical locks of hair falling down from this Bunny Girl's face. That and the little ears on the sides of the hoodie really make this particular Minecraft skin.

Download the Bunny Girl skin here!

Long Hoodie - Cute Minecraft skins

Long Hoodie skin

Who doesn't love hoodies? This Long Hoodie skin is another example of how a skin doesn't have to be complex to be cute. Just throw in a couple of nice little details, like the varying lengths of the two hoodie drawstrings.

Download the Long Hoodie skin here!

Plum Girl - Cute Minecraft skins

Plum Girl skin

Another very colour-coordinated Minecraft skin, Plum Girl is much more vibrant than most, helping you to stand out from any Minecraft crowd.

Download the Plum Girl skin here!

Nurse - Cute Minecraft skins

Nurse skin

Did someone call for a healer? This Minecraft Nurse skin is seriously cute. Well-designed, with splashes of colour in all the right places, this one's an eye-catcher for sure.

Download the Nurse skin here!

Koala Girl - Cute Minecraft skins

Koala Girl skin

If you've ever seen a koala in real life, I'm sure you'll agree that they are one of the most adorable things on this Earth. So it stands to reason that a koala-hoodie skin would be one of the most adorable things in Minecraft.

Download the Koala Girl skin here!

Wander - Cute Minecraft skins

Wander skin

The big blue bow and brilliantly textured brown hair of this lovely Wander girl skin are the standout elements here. And the peach cardigan is similarly detailed, making the whole skin very easy on the eyes.

Download the Wander skin here!

And with that, we'll wrap up this cute Minecraft skins list. But if you're after more top skins to choose between, be sure to check out our main Best Minecraft skins guide. Or check out our other Minecraft guides below!

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