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Cutesy Hacker Puzzler Beglitched Out In October

Pretty in pixels

The ultra-cute Beglitched [official site] is out October 7, as evidenced by a new trailer which you can watch below. Bedecked in bright pastel hues, Beglitched is a game about hacking, a magical programming art very few people understand. You are not one of those people, however, as you find yourself the pupil of the Glitch Witch, a notorious hacker who bends the fabric of the interwebs to her every whim. It's kind of like Hogwarts Online except not at all.

The trailer makes it look as though it's a game about sorting through a box of your childhood memories (so that's where you stashed that 2DS you bought on a drunken whim), but Beglitched is very much a match-three'em up with a sprinkling of roguelike elements and some other puzzle-y bits.

Sometimes you'll even find yourself being hacked. You'll be thrown into a sort of grid-based battle, hacker vs. hacker, as you fight to defend your online domain. It seems pretty intense, but fortunately there is a host of adorable animal sprites to take the edge off.

Beglitched doesn't have a store page yet, but you can expect it to materialize on Steam for Windows and Mac.

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