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Cutesy Puzzler Beglitched Is Out Now

Oooh, glitchy woman

I'm a sucker for cute things, especially when it comes to games. I also like puzzles. Beglitched [official site] has cuteness and puzzles in droves, and thus it looks like a game I'd enjoy thoroughly. I only need to see the tiny cans of Spam and what I can ascertain are small Game Boy-like devices to know that this is something I'd be interested in playing, and I surmise you may be too.

The colorful pastels, the pixel fonts, and the match-3 puzzle mechanics of it all are enticing enough, but so is the storyline. You're the Glitch Witch's disciple, learning to be the very best hacker, like no one ever was. Apparently, at some points while you're going about the game and making your matches, minding your own business, you'll be hacked. Then it's time for you to fight back.

You can also expect to see some roguelike elements in some of your sessions nestled between communications from hackers and what look to be forum users in-game. Sometimes you might be defeated by someone using the hashtag "#noscoped." Really.

But mainly there's a host of adorable sprites, fun colors, and a punny name that I can absolutely appreciate. The game's out now though, so you don't have to rely on trailers anymore to figure out whether you'll like it. You can just play it for yourself. Just look at those cute little batteries and money icons! So diminutive.

Beglitched is casting spells on Windows and Mac through Steam, Itch, and Humble Store now for £6.99/9,99€/$9.99.

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