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Cyber Monday spotlight: Samsung's T7 external SSD down to £75 on Amazon

I could be red, I could be blue, I could be the SSD for you

Storage. Its something most of us don't think about until its too late. "Oh, I'll just download this other game for later", followed by your computer yelling at you that there's no space left. Cue me legging it to Argos for another overpriced drive. Not to fear - for those of us more prepared than I am, there is a whole host of options available, not least of which are these stylish Samsung T7 SSDs.

This pocket sized and portable drive is available in three colours - however only the metallic red and indigo blue options are available for the bargain prices of £79 and £74 respectively. Now that's out of the way, let's take a better look at it.

These drives are probably smaller than you think - almost like a very thick credit card size, which is great for any desk that lacks a lot of space. Speaking of space, it is the 1TB model that is currently on the cheap, but there is a (full price) option for a 2TB model. It works out cheaper to get two 1TB drives, though. The Samsung T7 offers some cool things along with the storage; it has built in temperature controls so won't overheat during long usage sessions, and is shock and drop resistant. We don't recommend testing this claim, though. Connection wise, the T7 can be connected easily to Mac, PC, game consoles and Android phones with the USB Type C to C or A options.

The T7 is very similar to the Samsung T7 Touch we reviewed, but a cheaper alternative. And without the semi-unneccessary fingerprint reader. There's enough security options in the T7 without the need for a sci-fi finger scanner.

By the way, using the accompanying app, you can encrypt these SSDs with password protection, to stop any sneaky people getting their eyes on its contents. Do your Steam library backups count as sensitive information? Hey, that probably depends on your tastes.

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