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Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2 is out now, fixing bugs and improving performance

Wish all these fixes had been in at launch...

I believe I've enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077 more than many, but I do still think it's unfinished. While I don't demand major new features, I sure would like the RPG to be less janky, slow, and crashy. So I am quite pleased to see the huge patch notes CD Projekt Red released today as a teaser for the upcoming update 1.2 ("soon", they say). It's a list over 500 changes, including bug fixes, crash fixes, performance improvements, and more. Sounds good.

Update: Annnd now the patch is now out on PC and consoles, with Stadia following later in the week. 28.8GB to download for me on Steam.

While CDPR still don't say when we'll see this update, you can see the patch notes over here. This includes improved stability and performance, a number of crash fixes, better vehicle controls including steering sensitivity options and the ability to rock stuck vehicles free, a larger spawn radius for cops so they presumably can no longer spawn behind you in a lift, fixes for bugs which could make a number of quests unfinishable, fixes for animation glitches in cutscenes, fixes for floating objects and T-posing NPCs, and so many more. Though I am sorry that they are (I think?) fixing the 'dodging after Kerenzikov' quirk that fuelled ludicrous bunnyhopping.

CDPR call the 500-odd items "a list of the most notable changes" so presumably they've fixed some smaller bits too. Curiously, these notes don't include the police recon drones mentioned before. But by and large, yeah, all this sounds good. I welcome these changes. But man, many of these issues (and more they don't address here) shouldn't have been present in the game at launch.

I know that a game this large is unfathomably complex and will always have some wonk, and that the issue wasn't as simple as "just delay it again", but boy howdy, the game was not ready. The series of rapid-fire delays towards the end made CDPR seem desperate, and the state of the game at launch makes it seem like desperation overrode sense for whoever had power over the timing. Not only did they release the game in a subpar state, they made employees crunch to reach the foolish deadline. That's not right.

I still played and enjoyed a hell of a lot of Cyberpunk, mind. I've done all the optional stuff right up to the point of no return, simply happy to be in this big colourful world. But I waited on the ending because I didn't want it to be undercut by the issues and wonk which have annoyed me all the while. Will be nice to actually finish the game. Though I will have to revisit some of the spots quest NPCs got stuck in, sat in unmoving cars which sank into the road over time. I hope they'll find freedom. Please, someone think of the NPCs.

Two people sat in a car which has sunk deep into the road in a Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot.
These characters from a rescue side-mission ended up sat in this exact spot for over 40 hours, a surprise every time I came back along this road, eventually sinking into the tarmac.

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Cyberpunk 2077

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