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Czech Mate: Arma Tactics Coming To PC

Tiny Armas

If Arma 3 is a chunky military stew, then Arma Tactics is what's left if you end up getting engrossed in a game of sports (everyone loves sports, yeah?) and leave the pot on. A reduced (and possibly burnt) tactical tagine that was previously only announced for tablets and phones, because they can't handle the big stuff. Well that's benefiting the PC: the resser-uppers at Bohemia have been on the case, bringing the turn-based close-combat strategy game to us this October.

Like daddy Arma, Tactics gives the player a range of freedom in what they do, with no prescribed paths or strategies. Bohemia's typical devotion to duty fills the pot with loads of stuff: the top-down missions randomly generate objectives for your four-man team to waltz through, versus anything from unorganised local freedom fighters to highly trainer mercs. Each member of the team can be customised and upgraded in your hope of building the perfect unit. I hope you can name them. It probably won't replace the larger series in your bowl, but as a cheapo (£5.99) alternative to Xcom, it looks like it might be fun.

This is what it looks like on the finger-prodders.

It'll be out next month on Steam, and you'll get early access beta yada yada pre-order.

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