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Daddy Issues: Venetica

While I've yet to play this, in these lean roleplaying times (is Gothic 4 really the only other totally new'un we're going to get this Winter?) it seems only gracious to flag up the arrival of a new RPG. Deck 13's Euro-fantasy Venetica, which we've only posted about once previously, stars the daughter of Death in a quest to apparently stop more death. Hmm. Maybe someone didn't read her job description properly?

The game came out on in the UK on Friday, but has been available in Germany for over a year - having received broadly but not staggeringly positive reviews. Unfortunately there's no sign of a download release as yet, so if the following tickles your gaming glands you'll need to get to a "shop" or start petitioning your friendly neighbourhood digital storefront.

Here's some in-game footage, which reveals decent looky-look stuff but some potentially troubling audio. Given this was captured back in January, it is of course possible the voices have improved since then.

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Seems on the Fable end of the RPG spectrum, but with more elaborate inventory and stat-up facets. I've got a chum playing this at the moment, who's made cautiously positive noises, but I shall endeavour to track down a copy myself.

And here's the cinematic trailer thinger too. I warn you though: it opens with the line "In a world full of secrets" and also includes "Which path will you take?" It's alright: I promise you haven't fallen through a wormhole back into 1999.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Anyone played/playing this, then? Tell us, o daughter of death, what you reckon to it.

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