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Daily Death: Spelunky daily challenge for October 2nd, 2020

Time to die

I return for another attempt at the Spelunky 2 daily challenge, in video form.

Oof, the ending of this one was frustrating.

No audio delay this time, which is good! But I'm a little quieter than last time for some reason, which is bad.

If you're wondering where the daily was for yesterday: I explain why I skipped it in the video above. The answer is wet.

You might not have watched the daily for September 30th, in which case you might have also missed some of the videos shared by readers in the comments. I particularly enjoyed watching DontFightDucks' attempt. He's clearly a skilled player from experience of the original game, but he's also encountering much of the new parts of Spelunky 2 for the first time. It makes for an entertaining commentary.

Share your own attempts at today's daily challenge in the comments below, and I'll pick one out to highlight in the next Daily Death. Which will probably be on Monday.

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Spelunky 2

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