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Daily Quest guide

Our guide to completing every Daily Quest in Hearthstone.

One of the most important ways of getting Gold in Hearthstone lies in making efficient use of the Daily Quest system in the game. While it's true that you'll make ten Gold every time you get three wins in Play mode or Tavern Brawl, there's nothing quite like the quick injection of cash that these daily challenges provide.

In our Daily Quest guide we explain how the system works, outline all of the quests that currently exist in the game, and then wrap things up with a few tips on completing them efficiently.

Unlocking Daily Quests

To start receiving Daily Quests you'll first of all need to complete two new player quests: First Blood and the Duelist.

You will receive one new - randomly selected - Daily Quest at midnight each day, and you can hold on to up to three at any one time. You can view the ones you currently have access to by hitting Quest Log, and you free up a space for a new quest by completing one of the ones in your collection.

Replacing Daily Quests

If you've been given a Daily Quest featuring a challenge that you really don't enjoy, then you can actually reject one quest each day and have it replaced by a new, randomly selected challenge. Simply click on the red X in the top right-hand corner of your quest icon to have it replaced immediately.

If you can't see a red cross, you need to wait for more time to pass before you can toss a reject back into the pile. Check back after your server has reset to reject another.

Daily Quest list

Here's a list of every Daily Quest that's currently available in Hearthstone. Some quick things to note:

  • Where we mention X or Y, this will appear as a certain class in game (see further down the page for the combos that can occur).
  • The card pack reward from Watch and Learn! is always a Classic card pack.
  • Everybody! Get in here! will only be offered to players on a day when Tavern Brawl is actually live.
3 Victories!Win 3 games with any class40
X or Y VictoryWin 2 games with X or Y40
Emerald DreamPlay 30 Druid cards40
Welcome to the JunglePlay 30 Hunter cards40
Arcane BrilliancePlay 30 Mage cards40
RighteousnessPlay 30 Paladin cards40
Shadow and LightPlay 30 Priest cards40
They Came From BehindPlay 30 Rogue cards40
The MaelstromPlay 30 Shaman cards40
Dark SoulPlay 30 Warlock cards40
TacticianPlay 30 Warrior cards40
The Meek Shall InheritPlay 30 minions that cost 2 or less40
Only the MightyPlay 20 minions that cost 5 or more40
Destroy them AllDestroy 40 minions40
Spell MasterPlay 40 spells40
Beat DownDeal 100 damage to enemy heroes40
X victoryWin 3 games with X50
OverpoweredPlay 10 cards that cost 8 or more50
Stable MasterPlay 20 Beasts50
Beyond the Dark PortalPlay 15 Demons50
MrgrgrglrrPlay 30 Murlocs50
SwashbucklerPlay 10 Pirates50
For Azeroth!Play 30 Battlecry minions50
Death to the Living!Play 20 Deathrattle minions50
Tiny Bubbles Make Me HappyPlay 10 Divine Shield minions50
RampagePlay 10 Enrage minions50
You Shall Not Pass!Play 20 Taunt minions50
Elemental OverloadPlay 15 Overload cards50
Combo MealPlay 10 Combo cards50
It's a Secret to EveryonePlay 10 Secrets50
WeaponmasterPlay 10 Weapons50
InspiringUse your Hero Power 30 times50
X or Y DominanceWin 5 games with X or Y60
X MasteryPlay 50 X cards60
Everybody! Get in here!Win 5 Tavern Brawls60
Play a Friend!Play a friend, you both earn a reward80
Total DominanceWin 7 games in any mode100
Cry HavocPlay 75 Battlecry minions100
MurlocalypsePlay 75 Murlocs100
Watch and Learn! Watch a friend win in spectator modePack

Here are the different combos that can occur for the X or Y options featured above.


Efficiently completing Daily Quests

There are some tried and tested tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck out of Daily Quests:

  • Focus on completing only the most valuable quest you have each day. Re-roll the weakest one.
  • Assuming you are able to do so - and you have no concerns about playing a particular class - it is always worth re-rolling a 40G Daily Quest. You can't get a worse reward, after all, and you may even get a better one.
  • Covnersely, you are considerably more likely to get a worse reward when you re-roll a 60G Daily Quest, so you should avoid doing so unless you really hate the challenge at hand!

Keep in mind that it is better to complete any quest than run the risk of leaving your Quest Log full when the daily reset rolls around. If you have only limited amounts of time to play the game, look for quests that can be completed sympathetically with one another so you kill two birds with one stone.

Another thing to keep in mind if you're trying to get these Quests done quickly is the concept of overkill. If you need to deal 100 damage to an enemy Hero, for example, can your finishing turn in any game be spun out in such a way that you deliver a massive final blow? If you're about to finish your opponent and have any spare Mana, are there any cards in your hand that you can play to contribute to a main or a "side" quest you're working on?

It's not possible to view your current Daily Quests while in-game, so it pays to either jot them down or commit them to memory, so you don't miss an opportunity to make progress on it by spending all of your Mana on certain related cards, or dishing out damage in a very specific order!

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