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Dark Humor: Double Fine's Cave Emerges Next Week

Ron Gilbert's told us all about The Cave. Ron Gilbert's told us about what he might do after The Cave. The Cave's told us about The Cave. So honestly, what's even left? Well, logical progression would suggest that The Cave should now tell us about Ron Gilbert, and perhaps it will - but, you know, symbolically and stuff. First, though, we'll need to be able to play The Cave (instead of just say "The Cave" way too many times in one post), and that requires it to be safely under our roofs, basking in the dripping liquids of our own neglect-borne ceiling stalactites. Fortunately, it'll be doing exactly that in just one week.

Yep, that launch trailer sure was the two previous character trailers glued together. But I actually don't mind so much, given that The Cave - driven by character arcs and an often shocking (just wait until you reach the end of the Hillbilly's level) sense of humor - is probably best enjoyed with only a small amount of foreknowledge, if any.

I'm hopeful that it'll be quite the thing, too. I mean, obviously, being declared the spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion gives you some pretty sizable sneakers to fill, but Gilbert also claims this idea's been fluttering around in his mindcaverns for more than two decades. That's a lot of time to grow and change and consider the nature of the universe and whatnot, so I'm fairly excited to see how that translates into game form.

It'll be out on January 23rd for $14.99/£9.99. That's kind of a steal for two decades of Gilbertian wisdom, huh? So then, who's taking the plunge?

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The Cave

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