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Dark Knight Prizes: Gotham City Impostors' Free Update

Craig may have found Gotham City Impostors to be a run-of-the-mill shooter with the F2P-esque currency equivalent of a hundred-headed hydra, but its zany take on Batman's mythos, at least, kept him from completely giving it the old POW, THWACK, GARBAGE CAN SOUND. It remains to be seen, however, whether or not its recently released update is up that (hopefully not) orphan-spawning alley. At the very least, all of it's free and will grant you access to a new map, the up-close-and-personal East End, and a new coin-collecting mode called Bounty Hunter. More importantly, though, you can now make your character say silly things in other languages. Would you like a trailer? Then put on your ill-fitting batsuit and grapple-flail past the break.

You can download it for free right this very second, or you can wait an unspecified amount of time and pay an unspecified amount of money for the upcoming maniacally silly sounding Rodeo Pirate Pack. Or maybe you'll do neither, because you're a vigilante who doesn't play by the rules. Or perhaps you play by some rules, but you're scared of rodeo clowns. Regardless, is anyone still playing this? Have updates made it any more interesting or less grindy? Or is my time better spent playing TF2 while spamming quotes from the Adam West Batman TV series?

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