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Dark Souls 3 Bug Makes Bonfires The Deadliest Threat

Problems, friend?

Dark Souls III [official site] launched last night and is, you'll probably not be surprised to learn, a mite wonky for some players. Problems reported include controllers not working, lower performance than expected, and the game crashing at bonfires. It's not clear how widespread these problems are, and publishers Bandai Namco haven't addressed them specifically yet, but for now players have figured out workarounds for some. Or, you know, it might be fine and dandy for you. Life is full of surprises.

Bonfires crashing the game seems especially cruel, given that they're meant to be the safest places in the game. But for some players, simply approaching them is enough to make the whole dang game crash. Some players report that popping into the settings menu and turning the Lighting down to 'Low' will fix it. Or, er, wearing a helmet which conceals your character's entire head might do it.

As Bandai Namco haven't collected and shared information on things yet, here, folks on the DS3 subReddit are doing a fair job of it, with potential fixes for controller issues too. Hopefully Bamco will shift into gear soon and get those patches rolling, or at least acknowledge some of this.

How's Dark Souls III going for you so far?

If you can't play DS3 yourself, do read Wot Adam Thinks of it - which is light on spoilers. Or there's this here launch trailer, which Bandai Namco warn has spoilers:

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