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Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are back online after seven months of downtime

FromSoft still working on the other games in the series

Elden Ring devs FromSoftware have restored the PC multiplayer servers for Dark Souls 3, the studio has announced today. Servers were disabled for all Dark Souls games in January following the discovery of a security vulnerability that could affect anyone playing Dark Souls 3 online. Today’s restoration marks the first step in getting multiplayer back on track for the series on PC.

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FromSoft made the announcement on Dark Souls 3’s Steam Events page, and on Twitter, apologising for the long wait. It’s been seven months since the RCE security exploit, which Ed reported on back then, was discovered. The vulnerability acted like a back door into players computers, which is obviously a Very Bad Thing indeed. It affected all the Dark Souls games, but just on PC. Console players were safe. Thankfully, the exploit was discovered by someone who decided to raise the alarm rather than take advantage of the situation.

“Please accept our humble appreciation for those still waiting as we work to restore servers for other games in the series,” FromSoft’s Yasuhiro Kitao tweeted today. “Thank you for your continued support.” Needless to say, people started to praise the sun very quickly after the announcement, as you'd expect from the Dark Souls community. Others suggested that Elden Ring sales “must be drying up”.

Dark Souls 3 is on Steam for £40/$60/€60. I’ll let you know if more games in the series have their servers restored.

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