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Darkest Dungeon Update Adds New Antiquarian Class

Linux port on the way.

Darkest Dungeon is finished and out and we've reviewed it, but that doesn't mean it's not still being added to. The latest update brings with it a new class, called The Antiquarian, and some minor tweaks to balance and late-game progress.

A post on the Darkest Dungeon site introduces the new class, who improves your party's loot gains:

Whereas most classes come looking for a fight, the Antiquarian is only interested in collecting treasures found in the dungeons. She is not proficient in combat, instead adding value to the party by increasing its profitability! Don’t rely on her to dish out the punishment – she has no training whatsoever in terms of martial ability.

While another post outlines the update's other changes, including new quest rewards, the ability to trade heirlooms in town, town upgrade pricing adjustments, and a new "Stage Coach upgrade tree" which provides you with higher level heroes to recruit for your adventures.

If you want to play with the update now, then for the next few days you can get it by right-clicking on Darkest Dungeon on Steam, going to Properties, clicking the Betas tab, and then selecting the "coming_in_hot" beta branch from the dropdown menu. Steam will then download the beta version of the update. Alternatively, if you wait a few days it should be live for everyone on the main branch.

The same post above also explains what's next for the game, including the arrival of a Linux port later this month.

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