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Darkmoon Races is Hearthstone's first mini-expansion

Would you like an expansion with that expansion?

Blizzard are shaking up Hearthstone's update schedule with a crafty new strategy: big expansions that now spawn small expansions. The Darkmoon Races is the first of what they've dubbed 'Mini-Sets', which shuffles in some new additions to last year's Madness At The Darkmoon Faire expansion. It contains 35 new cards and arrives tomorrow.

In another first, Blizzard say you'll be able to purchase the entire Darkmoon Races Mini-Set (a grand total of 66 cards) from Hearthstone's in-game store, or Blizzard's web shop, for 2000 Gold or £15. You can, of course, earn all the new cards simply by playing the game, earning Madness At The Darkmoon Faire card packs, and hoping you get lucky when cracking them open.

These Darkmoon Races cards also bring back Keyword abilities from last year's Hearthstone expansions. This means the likes of Dormant, Spellburst, Dual-Class, and Corruption are very much back on the menu.

To coincide with the Darkmoon Races update, Blizzard also announced that Hearthstone Battlegrounds will be getting two new heroes, Tickatus and Greybough, alongside two new minions, Soul Devourer and Ring Matron.

Duels Mode is also getting new Hero Powers, as well as plenty of new Signature, Passive, and Active Treasures. And to round things off, Hearthstone's next Book of Heroes is set to launch on 2nd February. Defeat all eight bosses in this linear adventure and you'll bag yourself a Priest Pack.

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