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Blimey, Darksiders I And II Are Rather Cheap Just Now

Four pound fifty horsemen of the apocalypse

Opinion is divided over the Darksiders games. There are those who wrongly don't like them, while far better looking people recognise what a tip-top third-person action-adventure biff-me-do they truly are. And right now they're 90% off on Steam. I'm not usually one to make a post because a single game is having a sale, but bloody hell, £4.50 for both of them?!

There's Darksiders I, and Darksiders II: Deathinitive Version, which is a PC port of the updated version made for the most modern of consoles. And thrown in for absolutely no one at all is the soundtrack for the second game, so you can listen to that at parties, on aeroplanes, or even while you're in the bath.

I adored Darksiders II, a really smart game about whacking things really hard. I've constantly intended to play the Deathinitive version, although I doubt four years on I'll notice the differences in the loot and balancing tweaks, and I always update my memories of playing games to the very latest graphics anyway. But gosh, if you folded time and somehow gave me a few weeks to play what I wanted without anyone demanding my attention, it would be high on the list.

Both of them for less than a fiver feels like something of a firesale/weird move from Nordic - they must surely be having regular discussions about whether the refresh garnered enough interest for the current owners of the hot potato franchise to pursue a full fourth game. (My dream: original devs join former Volition THQers to make a third game with the ambition of latter Saints Row games.) Maybe this is a bid to secure more cash for development? Or perhaps their coffee machine broke. It's not like they'd tell us, so tight-lipped have they been about the series since plucking it from the ashy remains of THQ.

Anyway, two super-fun action games for the price of a London pint. Madness.

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