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Dauntless offers new footage, new monster deets!

Monster Hunter-esque

The owl bear monster at the start of the new Dauntless [official site] trailer reminds other people of Trico from The Last Guardian right? It's not just me? Also when they talk about Ramsgate they mean like a mythical place on the Shattered Isles rather than the place just along the coast from Margate in Kent, yeah? Let's catch up with the alpha gameplay trailer as I try to figure this nonsense out.

The game itself is a third-person co-op action RPG which has you teaming up with other players to fight beasties called Behemoths. Jessica played the demo fairly recently so you can get some more in-depth thoughts about how Dauntless was looking back then in her hands-on. There's also now a smidge more info about one of the monsters features in the pics for that article: the Drask. It seems to be an electric type creature which can spit lightning bolts at you.


Right, so for me this has some gorgeous creatures and I'm not actually sure I'd want to play it just to track and kill them. The game, I think, frames it as protecting the land from these behemoths because they're sucking power from the aether and destroying the place. But I find there's something incredibly sad about the hunt as it's expressed in this trailer. I think the owl bear is a Shrike and I'd hate to destroy it.

That said the game looks gorgeous and I think a lot of people are really excited to see more of this one, particularly because the Monster Hunter games never properly came to PC.

In alternative Ramsgate news, it's Ramsgate Festival from 22-30 July. There's a regatta, a twilight art exhibition and a pirate day.

Dauntless is set for a free-to-play PC release at some point during 2017. If you're curious there's also a Dauntless beta signup sheet here.

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