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Dauntless Stormclaw - how to kill it

Stormclaw is another Behemoth in Dauntless that likes to make things very irritating for you with the power of electricity. It does this by setting up barriers with horns, which you must break if you want to have freedom of movement. It has a bunch of other nasty attacks aside from this, so our guide will go over the strategies and loot you can get for fighting this Behemoth.

Those new to hunting Behemoths should brush up on the basics. Head over to our Dauntless Behemoths guide to find the rest of the bosses, or head back to our Dauntless guide & tips for more tips and tricks.

Dauntless Stormclaw guide

This guide has the full tips and tricks to killing the Stormclaw boss in Dauntless. It also has the resource table for the Behemoth and how to obtain the resources for each part.

Stormclaw Stats

  • StormclawThreat Level: 6 (Recommended power: 250)

Stormclaw Elements

  • Strong: Shock
  • Weak: Terra

How to kill the Stormclaw

Stormclaw is another annoying Behemoth that uses shards of lightning, but it's arguable that this one is even more annoying than the previous one. That's because it can gate your team inside a fence of lightning, thus restricting your movement and preventing your ability to heal in the process. Your team needs to understand that when the Stormclaw begins darting around, everyone must take one shard to destroy. They don't take a lot of hits, but it's better to get them out of the way rather than leave them standing.

Its tail swipe is telegraphed by it revving up the opposite direction from the direction of the tail. It's a 360 degree whip around that is incredibly fast, so make sure you're dodging before the tail goes around. It can also lunge at you with very little setup, bash you with its horns, and slam into the ground. It can also fire a ball of lightning by jumping backwards. Learn the timing and ensure that you're always prepared to dodge.

It can also summon clouds of lightning to appear overhead. You want to be running constantly so the lightning strikes do not hit you. This is why having freedom of movement is so important in this fight. Stormclaw is also a little more manageable when it isn't Aether-Charged, which means you're going to have to break its horns. Hitting it in the face the required number of times will eventually break them.

Stormclaw resources

Before we go, here are the resources you can obtain for slaying and damaging the Stormclaw. These are a 100% chance to obtain an item, as long as you break specific parts, but there are rarities for each one as explained below:

ResourceHow to get resourceVariants
Nayzaga ChitinSlay the NayzagaNayzaga
ShocktoothBreak its headNayzaga
Static Spine (Rare)Break its headNayzaga
Sparkclaw SplinterBreak its legsNayzaga
Sparkclaw Chunk (Rare)Break its legsNayzaga
SparkspineBreak its tailNayzaga
Electric TailspikeBreak its tailNayzaga
Shockjaw HideSlay the NayzagaShockjaw Nayzaga
Charged Shockjaw Hide (Rare)Slay the NayzagaShockjaw Nayzaga
Dull Tooth FragmentBreak its headShockjaw Nayzaga
Charged Spine (Rare)Break its headShockjaw Nayzaga
Sparking Spine (Epic)Break its headShockjaw Nayzaga
Dull SparkclawBreak its legsShockjaw Nayzaga
Greater Sparkclaw (Rare)Break its legsShockjaw Nayzaga
Sparking Claw (Epic)Break its legsShockjaw Nayzaga
Tailspike FragmentBreak its tailShockjaw Nayzaga
Charged Tailspike (Rare)Break its tailShockjaw Nayzaga
Sparking Tailspike (Epic)Break its tailShockjaw Nayzaga
RockstarSlay the NayzagaShockjaw Nayzaga Heroic

That's it for our Stormclaw guide, but we'll have more boss guides coming soon. For more on what you can build with the Stormclaw resources, go to our Dauntless weapons and or Dauntless armor guides respectively.

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