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Dawn Of The Left 4 Dead

Give a modder a first-person shooter, and he can mod for a year. Give a modder a co-operative first-person shooter about a zombie apocalypse and he can mod forever.

Yes, one of the first fruits of the Left 4 Dead modding scene has revealed itself, and it's a doozy. Fancy slaying deadheads by the metric crapton in a Dawn of the Dead-esque shopping mall?

It's actually a remake of a map for the old Half-Life 2 mod No More Room In Hell, but there's hardly anything more appropriate for Valve's top-notch zomb 'em up. In fact, it's the kind of setting I'd guess Valve have considered themselves, and it's vaguely amazing there wasn't a mall in the initial L4D release. As the architecture for this Crossroads Mall map exists already, hopefully we should have it very soon. A beta's due by Christmas, in fact. Until then, there's a video beneath the cut.

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Yeah, I know every movie/show under the sun now uses that Johnny Cash song to soundtrack scenes of disaster and carnage, but the surprisingly decent Dawn of the Dead remake was, I think, the first, and perhaps the best. I can't believe I haven't thought to have it playing during an L4D sesh yet.

More details on Crossroads Mall be here.

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Left 4 Dead

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